Welcome to the adventure of self-discovery & learning



What do you expect as a desirable surrounding for your child?

In our opinion it should be (sub) urban, natural, safe and lively. Pullach, a southern suburb of the city of Munich matches this idea of a perfect surrounding for self-discovery and learning in a safe and motivating atmosphere. Pullach offers lots of opportunities to explore and discover the surrounding environment in a safe and friendly atmosphere.



What can you expect (thinking about your family’s future)?

We base our developmental goals on the actual English National Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage. To meet these goals we incorporate a mix of methods and materials, including components of the BEP and Montessori. We believe this is the best option for our children to help them transition and integrate, wherever they move in the future.



Is education the key to developing all the skills, we need today?

Preschool education taught by native English speakers helps prepare our bright sparks for their future needs.
But we also believe that there are some equally important skills, which enable our children to achieve a more self-determined life in the future; creativity: Because the future needs to be created by experts and we want to inspire them whatever their dreams and profession might be.



What do we do?

It is our goal to support you and your child/ren to organise a good balance between work/Preschool and home life.
We respect and nurture your child´s individual personality and learning style, and by doing this, assist them to reach their full potential.
We believe in creating an environment based on professional knowledge, diversity and caring. Allowing the children to feel comfortable, happy, and understood with sufficient room and inspiration to grow and develop.


Opening times

What kind of support do you expect from us?

We try to support your needs as flexibly, as we can. For this reason we are here for you Monday to Thursday, from 8:15am until 4:30pm and Fridays, from 8:15 until 4:00pm.
We have two groups:
The Mini-Preschool for children aged 18 months to around 3 ½; here we offer 3 and 5 day programs, both half and full days.
The Preschool for children aged from around 3 ½ until they move on to other schools in the region or elsewhere in the world is offered for 5 full days.

The Bright sparks

Do you get tired of those “why?” questions which children constantly ask?

sparksimage500We believe that this is a very natural and intelligent behaviour and is to be encouraged. Actual scientific studies tell us, that until the age of 5 years, nearly 98 percent of all children are brilliant, almost genius. By the age of 10, only 70 percent still show this brightness and by 15 years of age only 10 percent are still that intelligent.
Children should have the right to ask “Why?” as often as they want, because only by asking “Why?” can they satisfy the hunger of wanting to know more about the complexity of life and all the colourful experiences, that make their days bright and thrilling. Children are naturally curious! And our aspiration is to motivate them to ask “Why?”

Source citation: „brennstoff“ No. 33, gea, B!ldung: nonconformist thinking, Longterm-Study,
source „Alphabet“, documentary, explained by Sir Ken Robinson, ADHS KIGGS – Study 2006



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Astrid Mayr

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Timo Mayr

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Holiday Dates

Holidays for the school year 2017/2018

(Includes first and last day of each holiday period)

Summer break 2017  24.07.2017 – 04.09.2017
(Please note the children start on Tuesday 05.09.2017)

German reunification day 03.10.2017

Autumn break 2017 30.10.2017 – 03.11.2017

Christmas break 2017/2018  25.12.2017 – 05.01.2018
(Please note: the preschool will close at 1pm on 22.12.17)

Fasching 2018  12.02.2018 – 13.02.2018

Easter break 2018  26.03.2018 – 02.04.2018

May day  01.05.2018

Christi Himmelfahrt /Ascension  10.05.2018

Pfingsten / Witsun  21.05.2018 – 25.05.2018

Fronleichnam / Corpus Christi  31.05.2018

Summer break 2018  23.07.2018 – 03.09.2018
The first 2 weeks of our summer break we offer a summer camp for a price of EUR 175,00 per week and per child.

*please note: we are required by law to remain closed on all Bavarian public holidays

The first 2 weeks of our summer break we offer a summer camp for a price of EUR 175,00 per week and per child.



Tuition Fee Schedule

Effective from 1st September 2016

One time registration and admission fee for either program



* Attention: hot lunches are ordered and paid for separately.
* All hygiene products will be supplied by the Preschool
the tuition fees are reviewed on a yearly basis

Summer camp

We offer a summer camp for the first two weeks of the summer break at an additional cost of €175 per child / per week, Including: snack, hot lunches and materials.


Your enquiry:

Dear Parents,

Thank you for applying to the Bright Sparks International English Preschool Pullach.
We will study your request as soon as possible. We will usually get in touch with you within one working week. We look forward having your bright spark(s) at our classes soon.
Please fill in the following Application form to make it easier for us, to see what we can do for you.

With warm regards , Astrid and Timo Mayr

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The Preschool is not obliged to provide a place for your child on the basis of this application. The above application is defined as a reservation request for the applicant. Acceptance of the applicant to the Preschool can only be considered valid upon receiving written confirmation from the Preschool. Thank you for your confidence and fairness.

Astrid & Timo Mayr • Bright Sparks International English Preschool Pullach


Schwanthalerstraße 1 · 82049 Pullach


I am so happy that I found the International Preschool in Pullach for my daughter Ruby. Since we moved to Germany and I took her out of her used environment, I was so afraid that it would be hard for her to get new access since she is very shy. But since the first week of Preschool she met kids with the same issue and the teachers are growing with each of them a wonderful relationship that my daughter really loved it from the beginning. She felt safe, secure, understood, loved and has so much fun learning and singing in classes with new friends from all over the world. I am so thankful to Astrid and Timo and all the teachers, they are doing an amazing job. Thanks for everything!
Laura Käfer Switzerland/Portugal with Ruby


Sending our sons to Bright Sparks, the International Preschool in Pullach, was one of the best choices we ever made. Our kid is happy there and so are we. The special thing about this preschool is on the one hand the very familiar atmosphere. It is definitely our kids’ second home. On the other hand, our children are very well prepared for school. The program there is a mixture between playing and learning.
Maren Richter Germany, with Nick and Phil


We have known the international preschool in Pullach for nearly seven years and couldn’t imagine a better childcare for our two children. As the preschool is 100% English, they now speak the language fluently, even though we don’t speak English at home. Thanks to the daily routines and the “learning” elements (which seem like playing to them) they are well-balanced. They are always happy to go there in the morning and I often come “too early” to pick them up in the afternoon! The preschool has a lovely (and very stable) team of teachers who really take care of every child individually, e.g. for a cuddle or to help them read a book. P.S. The preschool holiday camps are convenient for working mums!
Alexandra Gandini Germany/Argentina, with Marco and Laura


I was looking for a special place where my daughter will have excellent care, healthy food and feel at home, and I found all this and more in the International Preschool in Pullach.

My daughter told me, ‚I want to go there until I’m an adult‘.

Annette Leon Yanez Peru, with Sofia


At the beginning, my daughters couldn’t understand English at all. But all the same, they enjoy spending time at the preschool. Since then they have learned to understand English. In addition, we are very happy because my daughters have foreign friends, which is a good opportunity for their future. As all teachers take a lot of care of my kids, they enjoy going to preschool every morning.
Iwakura Takamasa Japan, with Jun and Rei


My son Zac attended Bright Sparks for two years and he enjoyed his time there very much. He was really shy to begin with and the staff persevered with him and really helped him to build his confidence, which he now has in abundance.

The preschool is family run and has a lovely family feel to it and I think that is due to its size, friendly and fully trained staff, the staff to pupil ratio and the hard work and dedication of the owners, Astrid and Timo Mayr, who are very friendly and approachable. They always got the parents involved in Christmas, May Day and end of academic year performances, put on BBQ’s for parents and children several times a year and you really get the feeling that they have your child’s best interests at heart and they always do their best for the children.

The preschool follows the British National Curriculum, which enables pupils to fit easily into international schools, which Zac has done, or go into German school with an excellent command of the English language. The environment for the children is great, as it includes learning daily routines that set them up for school life as well as gives them freedom to develop at their own pace without stress. There is also a strong emphasis on the importance of play and fresh air and it has its own garden area for the children to play in, as well as a secure grassy park area opposite which the children are supervised in.

You are also able to choose days and half days are an option as well, which is very useful. Bright Sparks is located in the tranquil village of Pullach im Isartal and is very conveniently within a few minutes’ walk to the S-Bahn station, making it very accessible to surrounding areas. The village is pretty and safe feeling and has all the amenities you need, which I also liked a lot.

I would definitely recommend Bright Sparks to other parents looking for a nurturing, supportive and fun learning environment for their little one. Zac still speaks fondly of his Bright Sparks days and many happy memories were made there, as well as lasting friendships.

Nicola Stimpson UAE/UK, with Zac




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